Waldo Dynamics - Silicone Lube - Medium

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Product Information

True perfection rarely comes up once in a lifetime, so why choose anything less?

Introducing the Waldo Dynamics Perfect Silicone Lube line!

Each of these delightful bottles comes in a generous 50ml serving to ensure you have enough liquid mojo to last you a long time.

They are also individually coloured so you can easily identify at a distance which lube to grab in a pinch. Presentation is key here, it's important to us that it matches the lubes unparalleled performance.

It doesn't stop there; Each bottle is delicately scented as to not be too overwhelming but also to add a 3rd dimension to your lubricating experience.

Let's talk about what each bottle specifically is good for:

Thin (Ocean Blue)

  • Gas blowback rifle Bolts
  • Gearbox O-Rings
  • Gas blowback Nozzles
  • Gas blowback piston heads
  • Pistol slide contact surfaces

Medium (Galaxy Purple)

  • Perfect for the vast majority of airsoft maintenance needs
  • Apply to metallic surfaces where friction occurs

Thick (Blood Orange)

  • Gas blowback recoil springs
  • AEG gears
  • Gas blowback magazine O-Rings
  • Pistol guide rods and recoil springs

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