Kydex Customs - Glock Magazine Carrier

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Colour or Camo Pattern:
Black Kydex
Mounting Option:
Laser Cut Mallice Clip (Molle Mount)

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Product Information

Glock Magazine Carriers are designed to work with all Airsoft Glock 17, 18, 19 and 22 magazines as well as real steel Glock 17 and 19 magazines. All of our Pistol Magazine Carriers use an MRD (Magazine Retention Device) which provides adjustable retention to the front of the magazine, allowing the carrier to hold on to the magazine with the perfect amount of resistance. To adjust the retention on the Magazine Carriers you need to screw or unscrew the silver grub screw found on the side of the carrier with a 1/8” Allen key/hex key. Please note that the magazine can only be inserted into the Magazine carrier in one orientation.

Kydex Pistol Magazine Carriers are the perfect solution for your secondary weapon magazines. These carriers are designed, prioritizing durability, versatility, and speed. Made from 2mm precision-formed and machined Kydex, our Kydex Magazine Carriers robust construction ensures reliable and long-lasting use.

Magazine Retention

The pistol magazine carriers use adjustable retentnon to ensure your magazines are stowed safetly and securely while on your person. As opposed to traditional nylon magazine pouches, which require velcro straps or bungee cord to secure your magazines our magazine carriers use passive retention to grip onto your magaines. Additionally, the silver adjustable retention grub screw on the outside edge of your pistol magazine carrier allows you to fine-tune the fit according to your preferences. The pistol magazine carrier takes advantage of an MRD (magazine retention device) to give the carrier adjustable retention, to make the pistol magazine carrier hold onto your magazine more securely or slightly looser, simply tighten or loosen the screw on the outer edge of the pistol magazine carrier with a 1/8" hex key.


Canted Mounting

Pistol Magazine Carriers have the ability to be canted forward or backwards by upto 20° by moving the holes the mounts are mounted through on the top and the bottom row. This allows for faster access to your magazines if they are mounted towards the front of your belt.


Pistol Magazine Carrier Features

Adjustable Retention: Quickly and easily set the carrier's hold on your magazine.


Ambidextrous Mounting: Affix the carrier to either side of your body, rounds forward or rounds facing back.


Included Mounting System: Every magazine carrier includes a mounting platform of your choice.


Double Stack Capabilities: Attach two alike magazine carriers to eachother with the included hardware for a more efficient use of space.


Easy Drainage: Open bottom design allows water to drain off of your equipment quickly.



Laser Cut Malice Clips - Precision laser cut .9mm Curv ideal for mounting magazine carriers onto molle webbing. Securely fastened with our normal threadlocked hardware.


DCL Combat Loop - Adjustable and incredibly durable belt mount that fits belts upto 2" and has a built in locking mechanism for added security


Shooters Belt Mount - Designed specifically for 2 piece shooter style belts. Made from multiple layers of different thickness laser cut Curv as well as hook and loop velcro, this allows the mounting system to fit up to 2.25" shooter belts with no side to side movement at all.


Low Profile Belt Slider - Ultra light-weight and low profile belt mount made from sturdy 2mm Curv available to fit 1.5", 1.75" and 2" belts. Ideal for covert or plain clothes work due to their incredily close body fit.


Kydex Colours and Cordura Wrapping

This pistol magazine carrier is available in our standard range of coloured Kydex options. These colours are specifically blended for us to perfectly match the Cordura fabric we use to wrap the holsters, ensuring a seamless and coordinated look for all your gear.


Relating to Cordura, this pistol magazine carrier is also available wrapped in either 1000D or 500D Cordura Fabric, both of which are genuine and NIR compliant. This means they won't reflect light under night vision, ensuring optimal performance at night. Moreover, the Cordura wrapping not only enhances the holster's functionality but also reduces noise if it comes into contact with other surfaces during use. Embrace flawlessly matching camo patterns and break up your silhouette seamlessly with a Cordura wrap. Elevate your gear setup with our pistol magazine carriers, designed to blend in perfectly with your existing kit.


It's important to note that in certain areas with intricate geometry, such as the front fold, the fabric may slightly pull away from the pistol magazine carrier. While this occurrence is unavoidable, rest assured that it has no impact on the carrier's fitment or functionality.

large format camo and colour options

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