CTM - AAP-01 / Glock HPA M4 Magazine Adapter - Purple/Green

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Product Information

· Glock HPA / M4 Magazine Adapter for Elite Force, WE, Armorer Works, TM, AAP-01, KJW, SSP
· Glock HPA / M4 Magazine Adapter Body is injection molded from a strong glass reinforced nylon material, the magazine release is CNC 6061 aluminum .
· Compatible with PTS Syndicate SpeedQB EPM and other brands of M4 magazines.
· Compatible with CTM AAP-01/C CNC Magwell.

This adapter enables you to utilize High-Pressure Air (HPA) and M4 AEG magazines on your GLOCK airsoft pistols. To make use of it, you'll also require an M4 AEG magazine, a paintball air tank equipped with a low-pressure regulator (0-140 psi) and a HPA line with Foster quick disconnect. The standard operating pressure for green gas stands at approximately 120 psi depending on temperature conditions. We advise operating a pistol at pressures nearing this range and refraining from exceeding 140 psi. Keep in mind that higher pressures could potentially lead to excessive wear and damage within the airsoft pistol's internal components.
Our recommendation is to choose  a high quality M4 AEG magazine with strong springs for achieving optimal and consistent performance. It's advisable not to leave the magazine fully loaded with BBs for prolonged durations, as this might cause the spring to fatigue and result in performance deterioration. In cases of worn AEG magazine springs, we recommend replacing them with superfeed springs.

Material : 
Body : Strong glass reinforced nylon material
Release button : CNC 6061 aluminum
Valve : 1215MS Free cutting steel
Weight : 107 g
Color : BK-GY / BU-SV / RD-GD / VT-GN / BK / EGD / BK / ERB

Package Contents : 
AAP-01 / Glock HPA M4 Magazine Adapter with rubber ring *1
2.5mm x 100mm hex head with nylon gasket *1
Universal feed tube *1

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